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Planning Applications

The next Planning Committee meeting will take place on Monday 15th June, at 7pm.  

An Agenda and details of the applications which will be considered at this meeting will be published on Wednesday 10th June 2020.

These meetings are to be made accessible to the Public by way of phone or online – please see below for guidance on how to join this meeting.

To access this meeting online, please use the following link and conference code; https://teams.microsoft.com/l/meetup-join/19%3af84850ad203b47d3ab6f7226893c79ce%40thread.tacv2/1591825511864?context=%7b%22Tid%22%3a%22796f6541-a299-402a-9ce7-a26b956bc815%22%2c%22Oid%22%3a%22299241e7-0f1b-4963-961b-0e53602f8fd1%22%7d

ID – 245 099 033#

To access this meeting via telephone, please dial this number 5 minutes before the meeting starts and enter the conference code;

T - 020 3855 5316       ID - 245 099 033#

To view the plans for any current planning application in Hartley Wintney and to submit comments, please click here.

Useful Links :

For information and advice on whether you need to obtain planning permission for works to your property, visit the Planning Portal 

To report a suspected breach of planning control please see Hart District Council's enforcement page Click Here

For information on whether you need consent to undertake works to trees at your property Click Here

Parish Council Planning Policy Statement - January 2014

Hartley Wintney Parish Council (HWPC) aims to:

 Be forward thinking and proactive in its approach to planning development both within the Parish and in adjoining towns and villages where there may be a resulting impact.

 To strike the right balance between accommodating our share of sustainable development and helping to preserve the fundamental character of Hartley Wintney and its surrounding countryside. We will always aim to ensure that any new development in Hartley Wintney is the best it can be for the Parish both for today and for the future.

 Inform residents of major applications either via the Parish Newsletter, Contact Magazine, the Parish Noticeboard the Parish Council website and Facebook pages as appropriate.

 Give residents individual impartial advice on how to present any planning objections they may have to HDC in the best possible way and mediate on behalf of residents where appropriate.

 Ensure that where, in the view of the Parish Council there is an honest and genuine belief that a development poses a fundamental concern in terms of policy or would set an unacceptable precedent that an objection will be lodged and robustly defended.

 Engage with developers to ensure that as and when applications are proposed for the Parish, they are as suitable and as beneficial to the local community as possible both in planning and financial terms.

 Work with Hartley Wintney Preservation Society to ensure that developments are acceptable in terms of design and materials used.

The current approach to planning is that developers are required to engage with the Parish Council at the pre-application stage and must demonstrate this interaction as a part of any subsequent planning application. In the case of major applications of more than 10 houses we would also expect some form of public consultation at this stage as well, usually in the form of an Open Evening or drop in weekend at a local hall to present initial plans to the community. This is to ensure that any fundamental concerns are addressed well in advance of any application plans being finalised. Any comments made by HWPC at this stage are always made "without prejudice" and the Parish Council will always comment upon the final version of the application once it has been submitted to HDC.

The presumption in favour of sustainable development is Government policy as set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and advocated locally by Hart DC. The current situation locally with the withdrawal of the draft Local Plan at HDC at the end of July 2013 means we are in a state of "policy vacuum" which gives increased opportunities for developers to come forward with proposals. This policy vacuum makes it exceedingly difficult for the Parish Council to resist developments unless they can be proven harmful either to the local environment or would create an unacceptable precedent in policy terms. We are unable to reject an application solely on the grounds of already having what we would deem as sufficient housing numbers. There is a requirement for several thousand homes across Hart and we would struggle to argue against why we should not take our fair share.

HWPC’s approach to shaping the future layout of the Parish is as follows:

 Discouraging development which fronts the A30 to ensure the rural feel of the village centre is retained and thus siting these new larger developments in locations set back from the A30.

 Permitting small scale infill only where appropriate nearer the main High Street. This prevents a concentration of development around the historic centre of the village and the cricket green.

 Discouraging intensive development in the village centre, thus maintaining its distinctive character which would otherwise be lost through the development of an urban municipal centre.

 Ensuring that any new large scale developments are situated in areas which are distinctly outside of the main settlement in the parish.

 Ensuring any such sites have good links into the village centre by foot or by bicycle and provide access to public transport.

 Actively discouraging developments at the edges of the main settlement areas as the result would be a sprawl effect. Historically Hartley Wintney has had pockets of residential development outside of the village centre such as Phoenix Green, Elvetham, Hartfordbridge, Dipley and West Green. None of which are physically connected to the centre of Hartley Wintney. The HDC interim housing Policy Statement agrees with this stating "The coalescence of settlements will be strongly resisted."

 Ensuring the integrity of the Special Protection Area of Hazeley Heath is maintained (this is specifically legislated for in the NPPF.) This means that there cannot be any new build development within a 400m radius of Hazeley Heath.


All planning applications for development have to be judged against the policies of the local plan. It is very important in setting out the overall distribution of land uses but is also central to every planning application which is submitted in the district. Click here view the Local Plan.


Parts of the parish of Hartley Wintney are designated as Conservation Areas. This is defined in law as “an area of special architectural or historic interest the character of which it is desirable to preserve and enhance”. If you own a property in the Conservation Area you will need to apply for permission or give notification to do certain work to your building and to trees.

This work includes

  • demolition
  • new development
  • change of use
  • advertisements
  • works to listed buildings

To view the Conservation Area map click here

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